Geraldine “Geri” Roucaute grew up on the glittering shores of the South of France. Raised by her father, Lucien, a painter and photographer, and her fashion-forward mother, Christiane, Geri was exposed to the joys of creativity from a very early age. The beauty she found in these magical surroundings along the Mediterranean Sea have certainly played a huge role in what the designer now calls her “constant need to create”.

During Geri’s childhood, her mother would affectionately call her poupette, the French word meaning ‘little doll’. Paying homage to her late mum, Geri’s jewelry design company, Poupette, was born in 2005.

When asked about her personal philosophy, Geri explains: “Current neuroscience confirms that the human brain is wired for connection, freedom and celebration. My focus is to infuse my life with those elements. I indulge myself in the bohemian sensuality of the creative life, and, in this way, my work has become my play.”

Having spent her childhood on the beaches of the French Riviera, Geri feels a vital need for sunshine and warmth. As a result, she now follows summer around the globe, living in NYC during the warmer months of the year and playing “gypsy” around the world the rest of the time. Having traveled extensively throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Geri now spends a lot of time exploring Brasil, India and Bali, making sure to stop by the South of France in between each adventure. “Immersing myself in different cultures is my biggest inspiration, both artistically and on a personal level,” and it is obvious that her travels and spiritual journey have strongly influenced her design.

Through the years, Poupette has evolved into much more than a jewelry line: it is a lifestyle. Besides being a fashion girl, Geri also teaches yoga and acroyoga worldwide. When she is not designing jewelry, you can usually find Geri either on a beach, a yoga mat or in an ashram. Naturally, Poupette will soon expand to include a beach-wear and yoga clothing line.

Poupette: love to live, live to learn, learn to love.